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Pipe and Draping

Draping, or Pipe and drape is used to to cover up unsightly walls, doors or windows and provide a clean, elegant looking backdrop to be used without our up-lighting packages. Draping and event backdrops will provide crisp, clean white fabric draping that will help create an elegant atmosphere to any kind of event.

Pipe & Draping Starts @$7.00/Per Linear Foot  

Call for Material and Color Availability 


Wedding Centrepiece Pin Spot Uplighting will beautifully accent your table centers to enhance the centrepieces and illuminate your beautiful wedding flowers. Don't forget to highlight your wedding cake, sweets table, and place card table.

Uplights Start @$17.00 per light

Ceiling Swagging 


Ceiling Swaggin is one of the most requested products that we do.  There are so many different ways to Celing drape your event hall. We carry different colors and materials


Festoon Lights

 Firefly's Festoon Lighting can be used both inside and outdoors for either temporary or permanent installations; they are the perfect addition to any event or venue. They are a versatile, cost effective, safe, and reliable and the perfect choice for pubs, clubs, restaurants, city streets, and city malls, Christmas lighting, festivals, signage, bridges, boats, casinos, beer gardens, amusement parks, hotels, weddings, parties, marquees and any outdoor entertaining area!

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Custom Monograms

Custom Monograms are totally customizable to any kind of event. Spread the great news about your upcoming nuptials & show off your fabulous engagement photos.

Discover our unbelievable collection of custom wedding invitations. Easily customize any design to perfectly announce all the information for your special day.  

Provide memorable custom CD or DVD favors for your entire guest to enjoy. Our simple designer allows you to create personalized CD or DVD packaging to match any style.


We carry Lounge Furniture

Available in sets or by the piece. Individual pieces include sofa, chair, and ottoman-  A set is comprised of sofa, 2 chairs and ottoman. Lounge furniture is available in White.

Some of our past Events in which we provided the Pipe, Draping, Swagging, Uplighting and monograms.  All Rights Reserved!

Some of our past Events in which we provided the Pipe, Draping, Swagging, Uplighting and monograms.  All Rights Reserved!

History on Piping and Draping

A Little Bit of Drape History…

In the past, draping anywhere in the kingdom was an arduous and complicated endeavor. The only available option was traditional theatre drape, which has grommets and ties every six-to-twelve inches across the top hem and is also quite time consuming to attach. The search for hanging hardware sent you to heavy steel lighting pipe, base, and cheeseboroughs that came from a lighting supplier. To put the drape up, you needed a crew to build the steel, and to tie on the drape one-tie-at-a-time.

Seeing the need to modernize a full-service method of supplying and installing event pipe and drape, we decided they must leave the castle, and bring its wares to the land.

We innovated a top-sewn pipe sleeve with tear-back pocket and adopted the use of low-profile steel bases,slip-lock adjustable aluminum uprights and adjustable horizontal drape supports to allow for quick, easy hardware solutions.

Since our inception, we’ve also instituted the new standard, inherently flame-retardant fabrics to replace the outdated cottons that faded, shrank, and needed to be retreated with flame-retardant chemicals if washed.

Keeping the drapes and hardware in the highest regard, through years of research and design, we’ve pioneered our molded plastic hampers, plastic pipe cases, and custom designed base boxes, all which move easily up ramps and across ballroom floors.

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